Sludge, Settlement and Mixing Tanks

Explore the versatility of our tanks at Camplas Technology, designed to meet a broad range of industrial needs, including advanced sewage treatment capabilities. Our robust selection features sludge tanks, settlement tanks, and mixing tanks and each equipped with self-draining functionality for enhanced maintenance ease. 

Popular among sewage treatment plants, our tanks ensure optimal efficiency and superior performance across various applications. Choose Camplas Technology for reliable, high-quality solutions that deliver lasting value.


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60m3 sludge settlement tank
with Dewatering valves
- Hardington Mandeville, Wessex Water
50m3 Sludge settlement tank for Wessex Water, Evershot WRC
3x 50m3 and 1x-40m3 Storing Sludge
100 cubic metre sludge settlement tank South West Water
2 x 30m3 stirrer mounted tanks delivered for batch mixing to Omex Agrifluids
64m3 Sludge settlement tank
5m3 sludge tank being delivered via curtain sider to the Arctic Circle
3 x 30m3 Stirrer mounted tanks for various chemicals being delivered to Omex Agrifluids
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Sludge Tanks
Settlement Tanks
Mixing Tanks

1,000’s of tanks now in service installed worldwide

Fully customisable

BS4994-1987(formerly BS4994-1973) with a minimum factor of safety of 8/1

Custom built tanks from 10 to 150 cubic metres capacity and in diameters from 2500 to 4000mm

You can rotate, zoom in and turn the tank to see all of its features

Our tanks feature a dome-based design with a Geodesic-shaped base, which facilitates complete drainage without the ‘bridging’ often seen in conical silos. This design not only enhances the aesthetic profile with its lower and more streamlined appearance but also includes a supportive skirt to ensure stability and prevent tipping.

Standard tanks are between 30 and 100 cubic meter capacity and 3500 mm internal diameter with varying heights, but other shapes and sizes can be custom built for specific applications. Extensively used on effluent treatment plants for settlement of sludge and suspended solids, food and chemical process plants for mixing of batch quantities and fish.

Key features of the Sludge Tanks, Settlement Tanks and Mixing Tanks

Filament wound using complimentary helical angles for optimum strength

Easily cleaned and sterilised between batches

Lower profile and less obtrusive than cone based tanks. 

Well proven durable design with over 1000 in service some now 30 years old


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