The Camplas manufacture high quality chemical plant for the steel and petrochemical industries.



Camplas is UK’s top award winning manufacturer of GRP storage tanks and environmental protection below are some of our satisfied customer testimonials.
Steve Porter, Maintenance Technician, Yara UK LTD

“Thrilled with the 2 x 100m³ tanks from Camplas. They are lovely looking tanks and the process from design to installation was very smooth as always. We’ve worked with Camplas for a number of years and will continue to do so.”

Steve Porter

Maintenance Technician, Yara UK LTD

“I recently purchased 4 x 30m³ fibreglass tanks from Camplas for storing liquid fertiliser at our farm, Shottersbrooke. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the tanks and the seamless installation process. The team even matched the colour of the tanks to our farm buildings upon request. Overall, I highly recommend Camplas for their exceptional products and customer service.”

Steve Hockley
Shottersbrooke Farm
4x 30,000 litre liquid fertiliser tanks
“Camplas’ 10,000-litre water bowser is top-notch quality. They played a crucial role in averting disaster during the recent fire. Dependable when it matters most.”
Dafi Davies
Owner of Rosedew Farm
“The 10,000-litre transit tank we purchased from Camplas is top-quality, and the additional capacity has been a game-changer for us during our busy periods. Highly recommend!”

Charlie Williams

Manager, City Loo Hire
Charlie Williams, Manager, City Loo Hire
Manager, Arctic Flow,
“The 2x 45m³ cradle-mounted tanks for de-icer we purchased from Camplas are top-quality, essential for keeping Torp Airport operational during the winter months. Their capacity ensures we have enough de-icer to prevent snow and ice buildup on runways and aircraft, which is crucial for safety.”
Manager, Arctic Flow