Customised Storage Tanks

Whether you’re looking for a 30,000 litre water tank or a 50,000 litre AdBlue tank, Camplas has the perfect solution for you. Our GRP tanks are available in capacities ranging from 30 to 100 cubic meters and can be customised with multiple flange connections, translucent finishes, or a selection of standard colors to suit your specific needs. Trust Camplas to provide high-quality, versatile storage tanks for any application.

Customised stock tanks- 2x50m3 for Calcium Nitrate
70m3 tank water tank equipped with Type air AB airgap - Kingfisher Direct
60 cubic metre tanks - Demineralised water- Dungeness B Nuclear Power station
l 2 x 60m3 and 1 x 40m3 - Maxol- Adblue tanks
Customised stock tanks- 50m3 water tank
4x 100m3 Anearobic digestate tanks
60m3 rainwater harvesting tank
Delivery by sea of 3 - 100 cubic metre AdBlue tanks to Bergen, Norway
Customised stock tanks - 30m3 Rainwater Harvesting tank
80,000 litre tank for Adblue
100m3 cube tank for demineralised water
Adblue production tank - Exeter
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Customised Storage Tanks


Click on the link below to download the customised storage tank’s data sheet

13,000 SuperTanks® now in service installed worldwide

Fully customisable

BS4994-1987(formerly BS4994-1973) with a minimum factor of safety of 8/1

Customisable in 30, 40, 50,60,80,100 cubic metre capacity

You can rotate, zoom in and turn the tank to see all of its features

Camplas CUSTOMISED SuperTanks® are built to the same high standards but can be customised with multi flange connections, fitted with roof manways and access ladders. A range of standard colours added externally to reduce UV penetration and for aesthetic reasons

Customisable Options

Any RAL colour is available

– some examples are shown below:

Originally designed for tanker deliveries of UAN (Ureic Ammonium Nitrate) liquid fertilisers but have now become ‘The Standard’ bulk storage tank for many chemicals in the range up to 100m³.


Camplas’s Helically wound GRP tanks have a 20 times higher tensile strength than Polyethylene and do not suffer from the phenomena known as

environmental stress cracking which can cause

catastrophic failure.

Key features of the Customised Storage Tanks

50pn16 – 450pn16 flanges

Can be made in any RAL colour

Ladders and handrail options available

Hinged Roof Manways
(water tanks)


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