Bulk Storage tanks

Camplas Technology’s GRP bulk storage tanks are versatile solutions for a wide range of applications, including Bulk Liquid fertiliser storage, bulk De-icer storage, large water storage, and LPG bulk storage. Designed to handle various substances with exceptional durability and reliability, these tanks are perfect for any bulk storage requirement. Whether you’re managing water, LPG, or other materials, our tanks ensure superior performance and safety across diverse industries.

9 x 50,000 litre tanks Storing Liquid fertiliser for Frontier Agriculture
16 x 100,000 litre tanks for storing Potassium Acetate for Omex Agriculture
7 x 50,000 litre tanks delivered to Billiricay fertiliser services
6 x 50,000 litre bulk storage tanks storing liquid fertiliser delivered to Frontier Agriculure
6 x 100,000 litre tanks for Adblue storage - Brooke Energy- Exeter
4 x 50,000 litre bulk storage tanks delivered to Yara International
4 x 50,000 litre tanks delivered to Omex Agriculture
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Bulk Storage Tanks


Click on the link below to download the Standard storage tank’s data sheet

13,000 SuperTanks now in service installed worldwide

BS4994-1987(formerly BS4994-1973) with a minimum factor of safety of 8/1

Available from stock in 30, 40, 50 and 100 cubic metre capacity

Key features of the Bulk Storage Tanks

High strength helically wound composite construction

One piece construction with no joints or seams below the liquid level

Can be Designed to hold corrosive chemicals up to a specific gravity of 1.8

Unaffected by U.V. degradation and very low temperatures
Tensile strength 20 times higher than Polyethylene

You can rotate, zoom in and turn the tank to see all of its features

There are now over 13,000 Camplas SuperTanks in service worldwide some now over 40 years old. They were originally designed to BS4994 which is recognized as the most exacting of standards for GRP tanks as reflected by HSE Guidance PM75.

This has been confirmed by the testing of 20 year old tanks alongside new tanks of the same design and specification in conjunction with Kingston University which showed that there was no reduction in tensile strength after 20 years’ service in the harshest of conditions when used for UAN liquid fertilser. Subsequently Camplas were awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Technological Achievement in 1987 for its range of SuperTanks

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