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Adblue tanks

If you’re in need of a reliable AdBlue storage solution, look no further than Camplas. Our GRP AdBlue tanks are designed to meet your specific storage needs, available in capacities ranging from 30 to 100 cubic meters. Whether you require a 50,000 litre AdBlue tank for large-scale operations or a smaller capacity for more compact usage, we have the perfect tank for you. Each AdBlue tank can be customised with multiple flange connections, translucent finishes, or a selection of standard colors to match your specific requirements. Trust Camplas to provide high-quality, versatile  tanks for efficient and safe storage

l 2 x 60m3 and 1 x 40m3 - Maxol- Adblue tanks
Delivery by sea- 3x 100,000 litre AdBlue tanks to Bergen, Norway
80,000 litre Adblue tank - Ecourea
100,000 litre tank - Brooke Energy
1 x 50,000 litre, 4 metre diameter Adblue tank - Project A
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Adblue tanks


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13,000 SuperTanks® now in service installed worldwide

Fully customisable

BS4994-1987(formerly BS4994-1973) with a minimum factor of safety of 8/1

Customisable in 30, 40, 50,60,80,100 cubic metre capacity

You can rotate, zoom in and turn the tank to see all of its features

Camplas CUSTOMISED SuperTanks are built to the same high standards but can be customised with multi flange connections, fitted with roof manways and access ladders. A range of standard colours added externally to reduce UV penetration and for aesthetic reasons

Customisable Options

Any RAL colour is available

– some examples are shown below:



Camplas’s Helically wound GRP tanks have a 20 times higher tensile strength than Polyethylene and do not suffer from the phenomena known as

environmental stress cracking which can cause

catastrophic failure.

6 x 100,000 litre Adblue storage tanks- Exeter
6 x 100,000 litre Adblue storage tanks, For more information on this project please visit
AdBlue is a special liquid used to help reduce the emissions from diesel engines, making them cleaner and more environmentally friendly. It is made from urea and demineralised water, and is used in modern diesel engines equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. When it is injected into the exhaust gases of a diesel engine, it helps break down harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water. This process significantly reduces the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere. AdBlue is not a fuel additive and is stored in a separate tank in vehicles. It’s essential for meeting emission standards and protecting the environment.

Benefits of Camplas GRP Tanks  vs. Steel Tanks:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Camplas GRP tanks are inherently resistant to the corrosive nature of AdBlue, while steel tanks can suffer from rust and degradation, affecting the purity and effectiveness of the stored AdBlue.
  • Leak Resistance: Our GRP tanks are constructed seamlessly, significantly reducing the likelihood of leaks compared to steel tanks, which may have joints or seams that can fail over time.
  • Maintenance: GRP tanks require less maintenance because they do not need periodic painting or rust prevention treatments, unlike steel tanks, saving on long-term upkeep costs.
  • Weight: GRP tanks are lighter than steel, making them easier and more cost-effective to transport and install.
  • Durability: GRP offers superior durability in various environmental conditions, which extends the usable life of the tanks and ensures safe storage.

Benefits of Camplas GRP Tanks vs. Polyethylene Tanks:

  • Chemical Stability: GRP does not react with the chemical components of AdBlue, ensuring the integrity and quality of the stored solution, unlike polyethylene which may interact with chemicals over time.
  • Structural Integrity: GRP tanks are capable of handling higher loads and more stress without deforming, providing a more robust solution compared to polyethylene, which can crack under pressure or deform at high temperatures.
  • UV Resistance: GRP is more resistant to UV degradation, making it suitable for long-term outdoor storage without losing strength or integrity, whereas polyethylene can become brittle and weaken over time.
  • Customisability: Camplas GRP tanks can be custom-molded to any desired shape and size and equipped with specific fixtures, offering greater design flexibility than polyethylene.
  • Temperature Tolerance: GRP can withstand higher temperature fluctuations compared to polyethylene, making it a better choice for environments with significant temperature variations.

Key features of Camplas Adblue Tanks

50pn16 – 450pn16 flanges

Can be made in any RAL colour

Ladders and handrail options available

Hinged Roof Manways


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