Camplas offers high-quality GRP petrol storage tanks, ideal for petrol stations and large-scale fuel storage needs. Our petrol station storage tanks are available in capacities up to 300 cubic meters and can be joined together for unlimited storage capacity. Designed for durability and safety, these fuel storage tanks provide reliable solutions for petrol stations, ensuring secure and efficient storage of fuel. Trust Camplas for your petrol storage tank needs, delivering excellence in fuel storage.

Underground Petrol Tanks



Click on the link below to download the underground storage tank’s data sheet

Four 36,000 litre filament wound GRP petrol storage tanks installed in a gravel surround over 20 years ago for Mobil Oil in Shepperd’s bush filling Station, London. Corrosion free since its installation 20 years ago.


Below ground storage of petrol and diesel in garage forecourts or distribution depots.

  • Corrosion free storage of hydrocarbons for over 20 years and above
  • Helically wound GRP with integrally wound Camplas ‘FibeRibs’ for maximum strength
  • Can be ‘double skin’ construction with warning alarm for leak detection purpose.
  • Produced and tested to BS 976 -1: 1997 – Underground GRP petroleum storage tanks

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